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Valuable in thinking about digital strategy

What is different about Grover’s book—and what I liked about it—is that there is less digital hype and more of a solid explanation of how to market and how to think differently about your business model.

The reader will find the book’s guidance valuable in thinking about their digital strategy, but Grover’s points are also relevant and transferable, regardless of channel. The role of each channel and how each should be used, depending on the customers and markets you serve, and how you chose to serve them, were constantly top-of-mind, while reading this book.

As Grover himself explains in the foreword, “the five principles will help us connect our digital strategy with broader organizational goals, industry dynamics and above all, our customers.”

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Great strategy book to look beyond digitization to real transformation

There’s entirely too much hype right now about “digital transformation” when mostly people are just promoting automation.
So I found it refreshing that Manish Grover’s book took the high road, and presented principles and examples that will help you progress past mere digitization of your enterprise, to competing in new ways that transform the customer value chain.
Read this book, put the principles to use and soon you too will be “dancing the digital tune.”- Bob Thompson
Author of “Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies”

Finally a digital practitioners handbook!!
As a consultant in the banking and financial services space, the biggest question banks need help is with their digital strategy from a business-technology perspective.
The current challenge is that every book/paper in the market talks about Bank 2.0/3.0 etc, throws out terms like gamification etc but offers no insight on how can an org convert those ideas into operational roadmaps.
Isolated digital projects are bleeding the banks dry and providing little to no revenue upsides because of a lack of an org wide strategy. This book tries to change that.- Nikhil Fotedar
Consultant – Banking and Payments

Must read for customer engagement decision-makers

This book on digital strategy is timely and relevant to your journey today as a decision maker. Right at the beginning, the author drives home the urgency of the need to focus on customer engagement.
The book realigns the core components of the customer engagement ecosystem to equip companies.
The five principles the book lays out make it easy to understand how companies should re-think their engagement strategy to survive and thrive in the constantly changing customer landscape.

– Rashmi Gowda
Brand Manager, Biocon

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