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logo_1to1MediaThe Personalization Conundrum

Engaging with customers as people and not users is critical to systematically creating exceptional experiences.

By Judith Aquino | Published 02/04/2015 in 1to1 Media

Providing personalized experiences has become a key differentiator in a saturated marketplace where competing on product feature or price is no longer enough. And every business owner wants to provide the right experience that turns consumers into returning customers but data silos and organizational challenges make that difficult.

Companies can overcome these challenges by centering business decisions on the customer, argues Manish Grover, a consultant and marketer who has consulted with global organizations such as American Express, Citi, Unilever, and AIG among others. Grover lays out a strategy for connecting with customers in his new book, Dancing the Digital Tune: The 5 Principles of Competing in a Digital World1to1 Media caught up with Grover to discuss cross-channel strategies, the role of the CMO and CIO, and the value of customer experiences.

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Five Customer Experience Milestones on Your Journey to Digital Transformation

Bob Thompson | Jan 28, 2015
Yes, it will be exciting someday when the Internet of Things (IoT) connects my Fitbit to the refrigerator to the doctor’s office. There are plenty of industries ripe for a serious rethink, according to Manish Grover, digital strategist and author of Dancing the Digital Tune: The 5 Principles of Competing in a Digital World. He contends that companies must look beyond mere digitization — automating existing processes and channels — and seek opportunities to integrate and transform the customer value chain.

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Customer experience: a matter of collaboration

Jason Compton | Dec 17, 2015
Customer experience is about more than the intersection of activities traditionally associated with marketing. On a basic level, sales and service professionals provide perspective crucial to understanding the true customer experience. Marketing traditionally defines the strategies that establish an emotional connection and subsequent call-to-action to the customer, but do not always have reliable insights into how the actual product or service is being received. “Your collaborators can tell you how the product experience supports the emotional positioning, whether it is ease of use or peace of mind,” says Manish Grover, author of Dancing the Digital Tune: The 5 Principles of Competing in a Digital World.

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