Must Read Strategy books – Beyond Sales and Marketing

Here are some books that I think rise above the noise. While “getting the word out” and conversions are important, these books help you define what to do to actually create a product that customers want, and how to create long lasting customer engagement. These books are about strategy, and how to compete in a changing world. (I’ve read all these books. And of course I had to add mine!)

Please suggest additions.

The strategy canvas is an amazing framework. Use that to immediately begin thinking of creating a differentiated product. This book brings to life how breaking out into a blue ocean (out of the heated competitive marketplace) is important for the long term. We’ve seen so many companies get lost in faceless price wars.
Great book showing how you don’t have to sell the most of one thing. Finding niche areas and being the best in them is a great strategy.
The 5 principles in this book provide a great practical and actionable framework on how to be where customers are, and how to create a partnership with them. Great for anyone who wants to know how to compete in this fast changing, digital, connected world.
Shows how people make decisions based on notions that they have formed over time. Awesome book to understand consumer and customer behavior, and the power of emotional bonding.

When does something really break through and start spreading like wildfire? Great book to understand how customer adopt and propagate.

Awesome book on the behavior and psychology of customers. The principles are presented in a way that you can easily test and apply them to your situation.

Another great book about our psychology. Read it if you want to see how a little money alters the delicate balance of relationships. Perhaps an insight into why brands shouldn’t offer too many promotions?

The framework for the sales conversation is at once handy and at the same time thought provoking. Yes, we all know that we need to be consultants to customers, but this book helps us get deeper into the hard work required to do that.

An awesome book that shows how a new CEO turned around a giant like IBM. IBM is perhaps the only company that has survived multiple major industry upheavals. A great lesson in leadership and vision. A must read book.

Another excellent strategy book that shows how you can look at what’s happening in your company and outside in the industry to uncover threats. And then move to address the changes your company needs to make to avoid extinction.

Please suggest additions….

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