Privacy Policy

Your privacy

I take your privacy and information security seriously. I never share your data with anyone else, and everyone on my mailing list has opted in fully using double opt in. I may have also added you personally after getting your consent: You can, of course, unsubscribe at any time from any email I send you.

I use your email address only to send out information about my books and articles I publish or find interesting, for any surveys, or for promoting my books or other related products.

I do use affiliate links on my website which mean that if you decide to buy a book via Amazon or Barnes & Noble, for example, I get a very small percentage for referring you. These do not cost you anything.

I run my site and email list personally, so if I am travelling or away, it may take me time to respond. But I usually respond within 72 hours.

Information held by me

All the information on this website has been obtained by double opt-in, via personal contact, or via any book ordering activity you may have engaged in. I do not buy email addresses or data from other sources. I do not ask for any more information that name and email address, and sometimes physical address to ship books to you. When your order on my site, the e-commerce plugin will ask for your payment information, but I do not store it on my servers. Other than that, aggregated (anonymous) information from Web Analytics tools and other plugins I use may be available to me. I will of course know (through my email provider) if you opened my email, clicked on the links I sent your etc.

Communicating privacy information

  • I have put this content on my website as a privacy policy
  • I have added a link to my contact page.

Your rights

On request, I will remove your data. If someone wants to see what data I have about them,  I will provide them a screenshot or download of their entry / entries. If you unsubscribe, I will honor your request. I may take up to 72 hours (or sometimes more) to respond to requests for manual intervention.

How I Process Your Data

  • Your information is stored in tools such as MailChimp (for email), WooCommerce (if you ordered a book), in Google Analytics or within a wordpress site plugin.
  • I do not sell or transfer data to any third parties
  • I use the data for my own analysis of my site performance and for personalizing my communications with you.


All my content is aimed at adults (although it may be about children’s topics or parenting). It is possible younger people can contact me via my website or register for mailing lists as I don’t ask for proof of age and would have no way to police this. When known, I will delete any such data or correspondence, and remove their information from my website and affiliate systems.

Data breaches

I password-protect my computer and all my web accounts with 3rd parties. If any of those organizations – or my site – were compromised I will take steps to follow their advice immediately which will include notifying you quickly what has happened.

EU Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

I am compliant with EU GDPR regulations. I use well respected third party tools such as MailChimp, Google, & SumoMe, & WooCommerce that have also taken steps to be GDPR compliant. Please contact me in case you have any questions about my website. For questions regarding 3rd parties, or to remove data from their systems which I do not control, please contact them directly.

Your Consent

I remind subscribers on every email that they can unsubscribe or ask for their data to be removed. They can also do so by contacting me. For Google Analytics, you can opt out of Google’s advertising tracking cookie or use a browser plugin to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking software