List of References for Connected!

Here is a list of references I used while writing Connected! Very helpful and informative sources. I encourage you to take a look.

  1. The HorizonbFit program – The program is powered by Advanta Health Solutions.
  2. Alfa-Bank, with its save more when you move program.
  3. Plenti, the multi-retailer and cross industry loyalty program by American Express.
  4. COLLOQUY: An average household uses only 30% of the loyalty programs they are signed up in.
  5. Report on loyalty by Capgemini Consulting:
  6. The Bond Brand Loyalty report – 44% of customers feel that it is easy to replace the rewards program,
  7. Effect of Customer-centric structure on long term financial performance – Lee, Sridhar, Henderson, Palmatier.
  8. Ambidextrous organizations – HBR –
  9. Putting The Balanced scorecard To Work –
  10. How to acquire profitable customers:
  11. Field experiments in trust and brand consideration –
  12. MIT paper on Trust imperative –
  13. Customer loyalty is fleeting:
  14. Millennials find banks irrelevant –
  15. Millennials find banks irrelevant –
  16. 18 months for innovation in banking – Innovation and the Future Proof Bank: A Practical Guide to Doing Different, James A Gardner,
  17. Solving the warranty problem for consumer using Blockchain,
  18. How Wells Fargo is integrating with Xero to make life easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs,
  19. How to help your customers engage with you on Facebook Messenger,
  20. How UK is pushing for bank interoperability through its PSD2 regulation,
  21. PayPal, Visa and MasterCard enter into agreements to open up business for each other,
  22. Facebook impacts the importance of business pages and fans,
  23. New FinTech innovations to target millennials and passive savers,
  24. What is a Robo-Advisor,
  25. Multi-sided platforms and the Fidor example,
  26. What is blockchain technology,
  27. The value of keeping the right customers,
  28. What went wrong at J. C. Penney?
  29. Banks must differentiate,
  30. A Thousand Tribes: How Technology Unites People in Great Companies,
  31. Walgreens links healthy choices with rewards and loyalty,
  32. Will the sharing economy disrupt trucking,
  33. Can we regulate Bitcoin,
  34. How millennials will transform industry,
  35. What is NPS?
  36. Accelerate! (XLR8), Book,
  37. The Innovators Dilemma, Clayton Christensen,
  38. Wearables down but not out,
  39. Pressure in food cereal category,
  40. How connected devices are affecting brands and established channels,
  41. The Connected Company,


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