The real social network in a digital world

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Are we thinking the right way about what a social network in a digital world is? Can Facebook really only be the medium to the real social network? Some will argue that its only a platform (brand building, discovering, connecting, learning, researching), while others would stress that its their core network of friends (connecting, sharing). Both are right and it really depends on how you use it really.

Take the example of Harley-Davidson (or Honda or Yamaha for that matter). Understanding what kind of motorcycle people want amounts to a table stakes game. Building a network of activities and partners who help customers meet their dreams is what’s ultimately making the difference. The dream is what matters, not the motorcycle.

The gap in traditional customer engagement models will fuel the next wave of disruption. The only way to survive will be to build an ecosystem that will help us look at our products from the customer’s eyes, and do business with everyone who engages with the customer.

Quoting from the book:

In fact, the most business-friendly social networks for the next generation may not be the online platforms we use today, but the communities based on motivations and dreams. Think of the physical network as Facebook, and the social network as Harley-Davidson.

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